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Falbygden has a very long history. The known era starts with the megalite stonegraves, which were build at the same time as the pyramids in Egypt.
The countryside is an agricultural area. The land have been farmed in thousands of years. Today we have some industri as well.


Several families have lived here a long time others are new. People have lived here in thousands of years. And will continue to do so.
Where your ancestors born in the area or lived here? If so the question can in the most cases be solved.


Our nature is rich of animals and flora. We have several unic nature protected areas.
When the cranes comes at spring to Hornborgalake it's always on the swedish national TV that the spring has arrived in Sweden.


Falköping is the name of the town and as well the district. In December 2014 the district had 32 194 Inhabitants.

The towns are in size order (the parishes in bracket):
Falköping (Falköping/Friggeråker), Floby (Floby/Sörby), Stenstorp (Stenstorp), Kinnarp (Kinneved), Åsarp (North Åsarp), Vartofta (Slöta), Torbjörntorp (Torbjörntorp), Gudhem (Gudhem), Odensberg (Gökhem), Kättilstorp (Yllestad), Valtorp (Valtorp).


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